“A smile appears when I think back to the journey I have made”

meet Naomi Rinsampessy

I found out early on that sport was an outlet for me, a way to train away intense emotions and a way to get in touch with myself.


Just like every other career, my journey wasn’t without obstacles. Skipping many social activities, spending hours alone in the gym, eating balanced meals and uncertainty due to the pressure of performance that you put on yourself. You don’t want to disappoint your team of coaches, family members, and friends who sympathize with you on a daily basis.


There have been times when I could no longer distinguish the difference between mental and physical fatigue, the result: overtraining. There have been times when my focus was on a level, that I had no idea who my opponents were, it felt like I was competing by myself and knew, just knew for sure, I’ve won this competition because, in my mind, I had already won a thousand times.


A smile appears when I think back to the journey I have made and what it has brought me. I’ve won the  Dutch, Benelux and World Championships in the Miss Fitness category and have been one of the first Dutch CrossFit athletes at the European Regionals (2012).

sport connects people

“I can do it alone, I don’t need any help” …  sounds familiar? A sentence that I have often used… and not in a way to prove how independent I am, but to encourage myself. But consider the question: When was it the last time you were alone, really?


Within this community, I have experienced how sport connects people. The ambition to compete as a team at an international CrossFit competition didn’t work out the way I had imagined. I wanted to experience the energy of a team sport, lift each other up and share the highlights as a team.


A different path was meant to be, organizing team events for every level “athlete”. Setting up events for 500 athletes with over 60 crewmembers is another way to experience the performance of a team.


More than 6 years later, I can only be grateful for the fact that, not as an athlete but as an organizer of 30 team events, I have gained one of the best insights: Great things are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people!

We all deserve a form of recognition

We are all vulnerable and want to become stronger than in self-confidence. Everyone is good enough, has his/her qualities and walks his/her obstacle race. We all deserve a form of recognition, a podium and a high five because you did a great job. Not just at the finish line, but especially during the trip.


Because honestly: what we have built up together as an organization ultimately gave me more satisfaction and pleasure at the end of the ride than being allowed to receive a prize on my own.


Connecting people during sports activities where everyone is physically and mentally challenged, where the team becomes one while working towards joint victories, is the reason why I organize events like this.


We are not an organization that supports you on the sideline, we are part of your team!

Sporty, challenging and inspiring, aiming for a closer and more efficient working team

 Welcome, this is the perfect address for your team building events. Njoya has about 15 years of experience in the field of competitions, coaching and organizing various team sports events. Both inside and outside the business industry. Our events are varied, accessible and functional, with everything revolving around good cooperation with lots of fun. Do you have special requests or questions? Let’s get together and talk about your wishes and our possibilities.


We organize team building events/group activities with the main focus of personal development by challenging people in their communication & teamwork.


Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.


We are a close team of sports enthusiasts with different expertise and sports backgrounds.


We believe that sports connect people together!


We are happy to contribute to society by organizing (sports) activities in a children’s home and supporting various charity organizations at our events.

Teambuilding / group activities


Working together on a strong team with sporty team building/group activities.


Get to know the character traits of your colleagues even better: Their drive, (winners) mentality, communication, focus and performance under pressure will be tested. Qualities in management, organization, cooperation and work attitude will also come out well.


Sport is an emotion and especially when it’s tested. What impact does this have on your contribution to the team? How do colleagues deal with this?


Team building is a valuable investment for a good atmosphere in the workplace. Colleagues who trust each other, know each other’s qualities and work well together are essential for the success of a company.

Fully catered teambuilding / group activities

Which colleagues would you like to challenge? With whom do you form a dream team? Team-up and we provide a sporty, challenging and especially fun team event!


Includes a complete program, officials, training materials and prizes for the winners. With some uptempo beats, you will accomplish 4 different challenges. Your highlights are recorded by a professional photo and videographer and we will finish the day with a healthy and delicious meal.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of our teambuilding/group activities? Contact us so that you can share your wishes.

Accessible to all

Young or experienced, fit or less fit, everyone will have a great time with these challenges. With a basic strength/endurance package, everyone can join in. Are you injured or do you have physical limitations? We ensure that you can make a valuable contribution to your team and this event. The challenges are set in such a way, that everyone can shine on their strengths. Below is an overview of what you can expect.


  • Bodyweight exercises: squat, lunge, box step, board, sit-up, bear crawl, run, and jump rope
  • Push, pull, drag and lift movements with different objects


During this event, the participants will be tested in 4 different challenges. Aspects such as focus, balance, strength, speed, agility, and coordination play an important role in these challenges.

Team composition

Fantastic 4:
4 people together form 1 team

Superteam 6:
6 people together form 1 team


  • 4 or 5 teams compete, side by side in 3 or 4 rounds
  • the division of points depends on the type of workout (total repetitions, distance or fastest time)
  • per assignment, a point division and ranking is made
  • after 4 challenges there will be total points and overall ranking
  • Top 3 teams receive a prize


13.00 hours Opening / Explanation Program & Challenges


13.30 hours Registration teams / Get your Unique T-shirt


14.00 hours Opportunity to change clothes and Warm-up


14.30 hours Start Challenge 1 (divided into 3/4 rounds)


15.13 hours Start Challenge 2 (divided into 3/4 rounds)


15.50 hours Start Challenge 3 (divided into 3/4 rounds)


16.33 hours Start Challenge 4 (divided into 3/4 rounds)


17.00 hours Cooldown and opportunity to change clothes


17.30 hours Healthy meal & Award Ceremony


18.30 hours Closing Program


√ All activities and workshops at the office
√ Possibility to organize an event on location such as on the beach, in nature or a sports location nearby


√ The challenges are set up in such a way so that everyone can excel in his / her strengths
√ With a basic strength/endurance package, everyone can join in


√ Away from the digital world, this is the perfect opportunity to connect with each other
√ A better blood circulation optimizes a mental focus

√ Recognition and self-confidence for both individual and team performance
√ A successful and pleasant experience that everyone will talk about for a long time


√ Motivation to regularly conduct team sports activities
√ Closing with a delicious meal with healthy ingredients

√ Tax benefit*: in most cases, our event is not covered the labor costs scheme and is deductible by companies.


Complete package

Price indication € 99, – p.p.

  • Organization and preparation
  • Online registration participants
  • All necessary materials
  • Unique participants T-shirt
  • Winner podium prizes (gold / silver / bronze)
  • Match program/scoring system
  • Guidance and officials on all parts
  • First aid support
  • Photographer +/- 200 photos
  • Videographer – after movie 60-90 sec. 
  • Healthy meals



  • Main package: € 3950,-




  • Tax
  • Travel and transportation costs
  • Rent external location (if applicable)
  • Additional price for extra sports game activities such as. living table football, beach volleyball, club hockey, bungee court, mega twister, etc.


Address: Alpacastraat 4, 1338 HP Almere, The Netherlands

Email: info@njoya.nl
Mobile: +31 (0)6 51 11 57 79

Chamber of Commerce: 34247520